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Creating inspirational garden spaces with a natural aesthetic and form. Using a sustainable and ethical process, nurturing habitats through layers of planting that will continue to evolve. A garden design will create a space that is not only beautiful but that works hard for you, your family and your lifestyle. The design will take into account all of your dreams and visions as well as considering the practicalities of your everyday life, but will also push your boundaries and inspire you with ideas you may not have considered.

For garden design and landscape in Devon contact AMELD.

AMELD is a garden and landscape designer in Devon developing gardens across the South West. We are dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into captivating havens of natural beauty. We specialise in crafting exquisite garden designs that seamlessly blend with Devon’s unique natural surroundings. Bespoke garden designs that not only meet your vision but also harmonise with the local Devon environment. Whether you’re looking to enhance the charm of a coastal property in Devon or transform a rural retreat, our garden design expertise is tailored to bring out the best of Devon’s scenery. Contact us today for exceptional garden design services that reflect the timeless beauty of Devon’s landscapes.