Mill Bay.

East Portlemouth, Devon

Situated above Mill Bay sands and open to the prevailing Sou westerlies, the garden at Mill Bay house was always going to be dry and scorched. A simple division of space: A North and South lawn with a running ecology of dry gravel. Herb rich beds with a cliff top palette of plants; plus a self seeding population have allowed for a quick spirit to emerge and the naturalisation of layers to begin. Concrete free landscaping.

A M E L D:

  • Conrad Batten (Lead, design, planting and photography)
  • Jeremy Wright Ltd (Landscaping and services)
  • Duncan Nuttall, Will Cumberlidge (Planting and Nurture)

Materials: Local stone (5 miles) All spoil kept on site, Plants (within 50 miles) Gravel (100 miles)